Heritage Entrepreneurship

Saturday 13th June 2020 11:00 am – 4.30 pm

About The Event

The cultural heritage can’t be ignored when we talk about the socio-economic development, where the cultural heritage is considered the most important human production and experience. When we talk about Arabic heritage, specially the Egyptian heritage which is rich and diverse, one can say that it is mobilized at a time of radical, political, and economic changes in the region and worldwide. It is indeed a means of enhancing prosperity and a foundation for effective and productive dialogue among nations. During our study period, we try to solve the problem of cultural heritage management in the Arab World by trying to be clear about the actions needed to valorise and mobilize heritage. The main objective of this seminar is to try to spell out strategies and mechanisms that aim to protect, preserve, conserve, and mobilize heritage for development within a view of reaching not only short economic gains, but also sustainable development.

The webinar aims to shed light on possible development and investment opportunities in the field of the Egyptian cultural heritage and hospitality. It also demonstrates the importance of promoting cooperation and integration initiatives between decision makers and entrepreneurs through the following steps:

  • Introduce an interpretation about Shady Abdeslam’s art philosophy.
  • Exploring one of the most important exhibitions in Bibliotheca Alexandrina that represent one of the richest collections that can be used as an example for culture heritage entrepreneurship.
  • Explain the culture heritage entrepreneurship as a tool of sustainable development.
  • Discuss culture heritage exchange as an initiative role of a business module.
  • Explore successful entrepreneurship modules in the Arab World form different perspectives.


Saturday 13th June 2020 11:00 am – 4.30 pm



Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Here are some of our coordinators

Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Introduction by the Webinar Coordinators

Opening Speeches

  • Dr. Mohamed Soliman (Director of Cultural Outreach Sector). (Bib Alex) 
  • Dr. Takao Kikuchi (Heritage Science Program, E-JUST). (E-JUST)

  • Mr. Gamal Hosni - Introducing the Shadi Abdelsalam Gallery (Bib Alex) 

  • Dr. Yasser Mongy Shadi Abdelsalam Art: Egyptian Heritage Identity, symbol and entrepreneurship 

  • Eng. May El Tabbakh (Tabbakh Architects)



A Round table Discussion: Heritage and Entrepreneurship: Reflection on Shadi Abdelsalam Art

  •  Dr. Ahmed Mamdouh (Moderator)
  • Dr. Azza Fahmy (Azza Fahmy Designs)
  • Dr. Atef El Shabrawy (Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship)
  • Dr. Yaser Mongy (Helwan University)
  • Dr. Takao Kikuchi (E-JUST)
  • Eng. May El Tabbakh (May El Tabbakh Architects)
  • Mrs. Naglaa Akl (C.E.O of Benefit Agency)
  • Mr. Mostafa Sedky (Founder of Mamluk Art House)
  • Mr. Osama Moharam (C.E.O of Inmagazine Centre)
  • Mr. Ahmed Moussa (Bib Alex)
  • Ms. Dalia Ali (BibAlex)
  • Ms. Nadia Elsharif (BibAlex)
  • Mrs. Mariam Sameh (E-JUST)




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