Art, Science, and Heritage of Manuscripts

Thursday 18th , Friday 19th June 2020 11:00 am – 4.00 pm

About The Event


In this webinar, Manuscripts Heritage will be approached from artistic and scientific points of view, highlighting the tangible and intangible heritage of manuscripts manufactured in Egypt and the Islamic world.


Attendees will get knowledge and learn about Islamic manuscripts disciplines, industry, crafts and interpretation of its tangible and intangible heritage from different perspectives. Attendees will understand the manufacturing of manuscripts and related technologies, types of papers and inks used from historical and scientific resources. Furthermore, attendees will gain knowledge about the characterization documentation and conservation of manuscripts.


Thursday 18th , Friday 19th June 2020 11:00 am – 4.00 pm



Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Day 1: 18th June 2020

Opening Speeches: 

  • Dr. Abdelrazek Elnaggar (Co-ordinator of Heritage Science Program, E-JUST)
  • Dr. Matija Strlic (University College London, UCL)
  • Dr. Naguib El-Ghiaty (Head of Department of Culture, ICESCO)


Hassan Ebeid

Hassan Ebeid: Understanding Islamic Paper: Techniques and Types

Mahmoud Zaki

Mahmoud Zaki: On Codicology and Preservation: A 'Ta' liqa on the Anatomy of the Islamic Manuscript and Tips from its Classical Manuals

Dina Samir

Dina Samir: Botanical Heritage in Arabic Manuscripts: Uses and Interpretations


Dalia Nabawi

Dalia Nabawi : Black Inks in Early Coptic Era: Materials and Symbols (Demonstration)

Heba Aly: Coloured Inks in Islamic Era: Materials and Recipes

Mohammed Hassan Ismail

Mohammed Hassan Ismail :Calligraphy in Islamic Manuscripts (Schools and its Development)

Practical Workshop: Ottoman Calligraphy: Shapes, Usages and Evolution


Hassan Ebeid

Day 2: 19th June 2020

Hassan Ebeid: Insights on the Preservation of Manuscripts

Amany Shikhon

Amany Shikhon: Conservation of Paper Manuscripts

Hend Mahgoub

Dr Hend Mahgoub (Heritage Sciencetist )


Hadeer Shakwy

Hadeer Shawky: Endband in Coptic Manuscripts

Mei Bayoumi

Mei Bayoumi: Islamic Endbands (Chevron Pattern)

Discussion & Conclusion



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